zaterdag 21 februari 2009


The latest project from Nike Sportswear gives us a very insightful look into the history of Nike’s legendary Cortez sneakers. Three videos were made in total with two now available for viewing. The first follows the history of the sneakers development with Nike employee Geoff Hollister and Nike Director of Corporate Education Nelson Farris. The second video, entitled The Cortez: Adoption, looks back at the adoption of the sneaker into a variety of different cultures from the West Coast to the East. Participants include: Mister Cartoon, Estevan Oriol, Patrick Martinez (Artist/Graphic Designer), DJ EMZ, Ken Swift (Breakdancer), and Eric Haze. Both are a great watch, so check them out here.
Thanks hypebeast!

zaterdag 14 februari 2009


Numph, funky and fresh!

Like the nymphs in the fairy-tales who fearlessly and very confident of their own strength run through the forest - these are the thoughts behind nümph. Trusting our own creativity and professional skills, we dare to live out our dreams. Experimenting with shapes, details and print is the sum of our individual experiences.


ONTOUR loves the night. The upcoming Summer 2009 collection 'Tonight Ontour' takes you out into the moonlight, where the freaks come out. From dusk till dawn, put your nightvision on because tonight is the night... All garments are made from 100% organic cotton.
Get ONTOUR online next week!

vrijdag 13 februari 2009


New in store. Online next week!


You may know rockersnyc from their music influenced and anti war clothing we're selling. But now you can get you're favorite prints as an art piece on the wall. These prints are very rare and limited to 50 pieces world wide. rockersnyc-heads 19"X26" 23 out 50. Eu. 150,-
rockersnyc-love rules 19"X26" 3 out 50. Eu. 150,-

rockersnyc-living fear 19"X26" 20 out 50. Eu. 150,-
rockersnyc-blasted 19"X26" 9 out 50. Eu. 150,-

rockersnyc-face=haight 23"X33" 11 out 50. Eu. 200,-

rockersnyc-politricks 23"X33" 4 out 50. Eu. 200,-

donderdag 12 februari 2009


Hi girls,
We received the first drop of designers remix collection.
Some nice dresses, tops and accessories to pop it off.
Available online soon!