dinsdag 28 oktober 2008


Combining the old world traditions of Japan under a new medium, the Nike ACG Kimono jacket came to fruition under a trip to Japan by Global Design Director Stewart Horner. Seeing the intricate and painstaking process of creating Kimono fabrics, Stewart Horner set out to re-create this same traditional process under the pretense of a highly technical 3-Layer Storm-Fit performance jacket. Although the outer layers of the jacket are simplistic in nature, the inner workings of the jacket include some strong aspects of design for integration with hardware.

vrijdag 17 oktober 2008


The addict originator series arrived at NumberNine. Addict hooked up with freshjive, X-LARGE and fuct. They used all the old school brand logo's and mixed them up with the old addict logo.

donderdag 16 oktober 2008


Lucky Issue 13 is in the house! There's a stack of juicy content to inhale including a full-length interview with Jeff Staple about the Pigeon New Balance, a feature on the new Nike ACG Blazer project (wich you can find at NumberNine), an exclusive on the relaunch of Troop and LA Gear, 38 pages of New Releases as well as a series of interviews with the new school of indie brands, something you wont want to miss.