dinsdag 25 november 2008

It's A Vibes Thing

Wazari Soundsystem presents.. It's a vibes thing! (free download)

Elad Barouch View On Fixed Gear

Industrial Designer Elad Barouch designed the See Saw Bike. You need to find somebody with exactly the same weight to balance out. Make sure you like this someone cause you probably won't go far.

Check: http://www.myatomicmass.com

Lee Scratch Perry At Home

Lee Scratch Perry at Home (Washingston Gardens, Kingston Jamaica).

I found these pictures on Peter Dean Rickards site. http://www.afflictedyard.com/.
On the pictures you see Lee Scratch Perry at his home in Washington Gardens.Peter Dean Rickards is a founder and Editor of First Magazine and creator of The Afflicted Yard. He's also a photographer and occasionally has been known to write. He's based in Kingston, Jamaica and is likely to stay there until he is surprised at his gate by gunmen who shoot him and steal his cellphone.

Original One Drop Again

On friday november 28th Wazari Sound brings back the feeling of the original original original One Drop, and they still find time to rap! Roots, culture and dancehall in the mix, yard style! Mail for guestlist: info@numbernine.nl

Coming Soon

Dutch Reggae Blog, Numbernine and Wazari Sound present a mixtape full of vibes! Be on the lookout.

Its A Wazari Thing

Yesterday Wazari Soundsystem went to Haarlem 105 to release the new mixtape, its a vibes thing.
Things went massive in there. Even Giel Beelen, a famous dutch radio dj, gave his approval. And wanted to be on the picture with the guys.

zaterdag 22 november 2008

Maaike Riemens Styling

Massive new site from our beloved staff member and stylist Maaike Riemens.

Check it here: www.maaikeriemens.com

Track Bike Times Trailer

While the path for fixed gear documentaries and videos was largely paved by the San Francisco-set MASH SF, since then many of the recent fixie documentaries seemed to have emanated from another bike mecca in New York. Enter Track Bike Times who are in the midst of creating a new San Francisco-centric video with a short glimpse into the video seen here.

Via: www.hypebeast.com


Yes! It's IDFA again!
Thinking of Jamaica usually conjures up an image of peace-loving Rastafarians with thick dreadlocks surrounded by even thicker clouds of hash smoke who play reggae tunes and sing the praises of Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie. Luciano Blotta's self-conscious documentary Rise Up provides ample support of that cliché, but he simultaneously shows that behind the clever export product that reggae has become, a world of poverty and underdevelopment is lurking. In the minds of many young Jamaicans, the only way out is a career in music, but the competition is overwhelming, so everyone tries to display their talent wherever and whenever they can. Blotta follows three young people who are trying to rise up from the underground: there's the shy Kemoy, who sings beautiful R&B-like songs; the white Ice, whose biggest dream is to perform at the famous Reggae Sumfest; and the charismatic Turbulence, who almost ended up living a life of crime before he thought better of it. These days, Turbulence's goal is to "Eat good food, have good life, make music." Blotta interweaves the three storylines with lots of music (watch out for the guy with the one-stringed guitar), atmospheric shots of the city and country, and the commentary, which is spoken in juicy Jamaican English by a trio of experts from the music world. Sly and Robbie stop by, as well as the legendary Lee Perry, to say that Kemoy has a lot of talent. But apparently talent alone isn't enough not by a long shot

Tuschinski 1
Sat 22-11

Munt 13
Tue 25-11

Munt 11
Fri 28-11

via: Dutch Reggae


Make sure you get this! The highly anticipated fourth album from Kanye West, 808s & Heartbreak. Brooklyn based artist KAWS (one of my favorites) has created a special album cover as well as some album art.

vrijdag 14 november 2008

dinsdag 11 november 2008


This is a small selection of the new kling coquette collection. Drop by the store for more kling!